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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tar Heel Fan With An Outsider's Take On The Gary Parrish Article

Fellow blogger Tar Heel Fan (no, seriously, that's his real name...it just worked out that way!) put together an excellent take from a rival fan's perspective on the Gary Parrish article released last week.

He seems just as baffled by it as I'm sure the rest of State fans were:
I am not sure what to make of this both from a timing standpoint and the “isn’t this horse dead?” perspective. The best that I can figure is Gary Parrish had lunch with Greg Doyel, asked him for a cheap way to get some quick hits on his column and Doyel told him to write about Herb Sendek and NC State.
Come to think of it, that makes a TON of sense. DOYYYELLLLLLL!!!!!*shakesfist*
For reasons that pass understanding the national media types cannot let this go. It would be nice if NCSU and ASU could meet in the NCAA Tournament so we can put this to rest. The main problem is most of the national writers have no idea what they are talking about concerning the mentality of NC State’s fan base. Parrish and others try to simplify the situation by saying “Well NCSU was winning, going to NCAA Tournaments and they will never be UNC or Duke so they should just accept that quality of life for themselves.” The problem with that oversimplification of the situation is it ignores decades of history not to mention the unique dynamics found in Triangle college hoops.

Stop by THF and offer kind words (knuckleheads, steer clear) for his reasoned take on the matter here.

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