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Monday, September 21, 2009

Owen Spencer And Rashad Smith Out For Pitt, And Other Injury Discussion

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We get Donald Bowens back last week and now lose Owen Spencer...I'm not sure where State winds up with that equation. Swapping those two in the lineup, did State come out better or worse? I love having Bowens back in the lineup. He was the Pack's top receiving threat in 2007 and has great hands -- something this team is sorely missing right now.

Losing Spencer on the other hand takes away our top deep threat, with all due respect to T.J. Graham. Spencer had his issues hanging onto the football, but his yards-per-reception numbers were off the chart and he has a great way of getting separation downfield. Without him, I don't know that we have a threat to stretch the defense, meaning the safeties and linebackers of Pitt may cheat up closer to the line. That's a recipe for disaster as State tries to get its running game churning.

The loss of Rashad hurts as he was playing extremely well for a freshman, but having an experienced backup in DeAndre Morgan will help minimize his loss to a certain degree. The problem will be in spelling Morgan throughout the game, as there's really not much else left behind Morgan on the depth chart. It will be keep to sustain long drives throughout the game to keep the defense fresh -- not State's strong suit.

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