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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BlogPoll: Week 3

This week's poll, a tad late. Let me know what you think. I decided not to punish Ohio State too much for their loss to USC. They lost to a very good team at home and played them to the wire. I think they're a very good football team. I'm still not 100% sold on Ole Miss, and I have a hard time moving teams up following a bye week just because teams in front of you lost. If Ole Miss crushes SE Louisiana like they should, I'll probably advance them some at that point. I still need to see that they've earned all the hype.

The more games that are played, the more I think folks will see their polls normalize a good bit over the coming weeks (again, more reason for the pollsters to wait until week 4 or 5 before releasing the first polls of the season):

1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Southern Cal
4 Alabama
5 Penn State 1
6 LSU 2
7 Ohio State 2
8 Boise State 2
9 California 3
10 Brigham Young 4
11 Virginia Tech
12 Oklahoma 3
13 Mississippi
14 Oklahoma State 7
15 Georgia Tech
16 Utah
17 Cincinnati 1
18 Nebraska 2
19 Miami (Florida)
20 TCU 1
21 Georgia 4
22 Iowa 2
23 Houston
24 Kansas
25 West Virginia
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Florida State (#22), Oregon (#23), Notre Dame (#25).

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