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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACC Roundtable: Week 1 Review

The ACC Roundtable rolls on, despite the ACC's best efforts to kill off any desire we may have to discuss its football.

This week, collegegameballs.com plays host to the Roundtable. You may already know CGB as the one-stop shop for all your College GameDay sign needs:

It's also a great site covering the conference's sole BCS title hopeful these days, Virginia Tech.

After the jump you'll find CGB's questions, my answers, and CGB's writeup on the discussion:


1. *Ding Dong* The pizza man is here, did your team deliver what you expected in their opener, why or why not?

No. And sadly, it was apparent for the whole world to see. Something about playing an SEC opponent to open the season on a Thursday night, when all the chips are on the table, causes this team to turtle up (no offense, Maryland fans) and disappear. The offense that was supposed to light the world on fire barely crossed the 50. The defense -- missing All Everything Nate Irving -- was a pleasant surprise in keeping the Pack within striking distance the whole game. Holding a team to seven points is pretty impressive; even moreso when you consider that South Carolina possessed the ball nearly five full minutes more than the Pack.

2. The ACC was downright pathetic in week one. Which display of ineptitude shocked you the most? Going forward is there hope for the conference?

Though I'd be more than willing to offer up our aforementioned egg as the most shocking non-performance, I have to say Virginia's loss to William & Mary, in which they turned the ball over SEVEN times, was just downright pathetic. It's one thing to only score 3 points in a loss at home to an SEC team; losing to a FCS team at home by 12 is just plain inexcusable. I can't imagine what UVa fans must be thinking right about now.

3. After the show they put on Monday night, Atlantic bloggers is FSU the team to beat and what about Miami Coastalites?

FSU has some issues in the defensive secondary to shore up. Despite the loss and my homerish ways, I still think the Atlantic is a three-team race between FSU, Clemson and N.C. State. Russell Wilson will go back to being Russell Wilson once our receivers learn to hold onto the football when it hits them in the pads/hands/face. We'll know A LOT more about the Atlantic race once we see how Clemson fares against Georgia Tech Thursday night. Fans of Clemson, State and any other team in the Atlantic better thank their lucky stars that the final pass of Monday night's game fell incomplete...FSU starting 0-1 in the league will play a big part in determining the divisional champ, I believe.

4. You've been granted one curse, other than your opponent pick one team you would like to see lose in week 2.

I guess it would have to be Clemson. The Atlantic Division is very much up for grabs, and if FSU and Clemson were to BOTH start the season 0-1 in the league, that would improve State's chances of winning the divisional title.

Here's where you can find the complete rundown on what all the fellow ACC Roundtable participants had to say over at collegegameballs.com.

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