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Monday, August 17, 2009

YANCSSB Now A Part Of MGoBlog's BlogPoll

This season will see some new developments for YANCSSB, one of which is the participation in the BlogPoll, a partnership between CBS Sports and MGoBlog.com

Now, I'll be honest...slotting the top 25 teams from across the country -- most of whom I couldn't give two shites about -- is not an easy task for me. I have a few opinions about a few teams here or there that are overrated or underrated, along with some guiding principles (vote SEC early and often), but I'm going to need y'all's help each week helping me sift through my list to make cases for or against certain teams.

With that having been said, here's the "rough draft," if you will, of my first ballot. In being open and honest about this, I built it primarily off the coaches poll, tweaking a few selections here and there that I thought needed it.

1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Oklahoma
4 Southern Cal
5 Alabama
6 Ohio State
7 Virginia Tech
9 Penn State
10 Oklahoma State
11 Mississippi
12 Georgia Tech
13 California
14 Georgia
15 Oregon
16 Utah
17 Boise State
18 Florida State
19 TCU
20 Nebraska
21 Iowa
22 Oregon State
23 Brigham Young
24 Pittsburgh
25 Michigan State

There's no Notre Dame on here, nor the Tar Heels. Charlie Weis still has a lot to prove to me, and the Heels -- with a rapidly thinning offensive line -- will need to show me they can win with more than just their front seven on defense.

In their places are Michigan State and Pitt, but MSU is there primarily on name recognition and Pitt by virtue of their preseason selection by the Big East media as the team to beat this year. I fully expect a lot of shuffling early on as teams impress or disappoint.

Please, weigh in with your opinions. If anything, I'd like this poll to not necessarily represent what I think, but what y'all do, as well.


  1. i refuse to participate in pre-season ballotting as most polls are primarily influenced by names and last season's results (with players that may not still be with the team)...So i will boycott until about week 5 where a much more real set of rankings can be accomplished....thank you very much!

  2. David, I too am against pre-season polls, as a rule, but the rules here dictate that I turn one in. So I'll play ball for the time being.

  3. I think Florida is getting a TON of hype for this season, and I think Tebow is going to disappoint. No Percy Harvin, Tebow's main passing weapon, and UF is not winning the title. The championship is Texas' to lose this year.