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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twitter Haters Beware: Twitter Content Inside

Twitter backlash seems to be gaining steam these days, but don't let that slow you down from following PackFootball. Why? Because you can get play-by-play coverage of today's scrimmage as it happens:
# and then Wilson takes advantage w/ another TD throw to Spencer
28 minutes ago from txt

Earl Wolff with a nice INT!
29 minutes ago from txt

Russell Wilson throw to Darrell Davis into the endzone for a diving TD catch.
33 minutes ago from txt

Nice catch and run by Tony Baker
42 minutes ago from txt

Scrimmage 2 underway
43 minutes ago from txt

getting ready for scrimmage #2
about 2 hours ago from txt
It's natural for there to be a pushback on new technology from time to time, especially when the perception is that it's geared toward schreeching teens and attention whores. But there's value in Twitter, and this is another instance of it.

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