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Monday, August 24, 2009

State's Sports Information Dept. Makes The Right Call

N.C. State's Sports Information Department deserves a round of applause. While I'm not usually one to offer up kudos to State's SIDs -- their half-hearted Philip Rivers Heisman campaign, pushover relationship with certain members of the media and some questionable credentialing practices leave me want for an improved crew that operates like the bunch Steve Kirschner heads over in Chapel Hill -- I have to give them credit here: They've turned down a credentialing request from Inside Edition to cover Erin Andrew's return to the airwaves.

Per Richard Deitsch's Tweet, via Joe Ovies' post at 850 The Buzz:
CFB fans: Inside Edition asked for credentials for ESPN's N.C.State-South Carolina game on Sept. 3 (to cover Erin Andrews). IE turned down.
Way to go, Annabelle Vaughn. Absolutely the right call, because the last thing State needs to be doing is endorsing the kind of TMZ, IE-fueled "sportsceleb" fluff journalism that seems to have evolved in the last half decade or so.

Sports journalism should primarily be about what takes places on the field and secondarily about the issues off the field that directly impact the ability of a team or individual to engage in the former. It shouldn't be about those there to cover the game themselves, nor about what clubs athletes attend or which celebrities they're seen with around town.

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