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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick...Check ESPN.com's Front Page (1:00 pm)

I've been mighty busy today, trying to stay in the good graces of the bosses, but take a quick peek at what's the primary splash screen at ESPN.com at the moment:

Always nice to see your team represented nationally whenever possible.

As for the "mock draft" itself (a fancy spin on picking the Top 40 teams in college football), you can follow that here. If you're into the notion of "omens," it can't be a bad one that State's featured in the graphic. Not that cracking the top 40 is a HUGE deal, but it's better than being on the outside looking in. If I had to put money on it, I'd say Schlabach is the one that "drafts" us, given his comments last week.

*Thanks to "shaun from his office" for sending along the screengrab. You're a fine American.


  1. and our cheerleader isn't bungling the wolf sign, to boot! kudos all around.

  2. 8 picks to go and no WAY NCSU gets drafted.

    I got a good laugh out of this comment.

    Ryan (Raleigh, NC): NC State has to be a top 40 program now. History isn't necessarily on its side, but it's become a consistent Pro Factory with Philip Rivers, Torry Holt, and Mario Williams to name a few. And with Tom O'brien sending the Pack down the right path, they should only get better in the next decade.

  3. Brian,

    Being a BC fan, no doubt you found the comment regarding Tom O'Brien funny. But one could make the argument that the very reason BC made the list at #36 is because of the man coaching the red and white right now. Sure, y'all's success in getting to the title game the last two years likely pushed you over that last hump to get into the list, but two title game appearances alone were probably not enough, not without the prior decade of success with Tom at the helm.

    My major beef with this whole exercise put on by this trio of talking heads was that there was no discernable criteria. Was it recent success over past success? Public perception? Hell, Ole Miss got in by virtue of The Grove and their tailgating. So I can't fault Ryan's argument for why they should be included because frankly, it's anybody's guess as to what mattered most to those selecting the teams. State's pro alums may very well have been enough to get them in.

  4. BC got in because of their 0.589 all-time winning pct (good for 32nd on list of FBS schools, very close to where they got drafted overall). Yes, TOB certainly contributed to that success - 75 of 616 wins - but BC's success extends beyond the O'Brien years.

    With all due respect, NC State has a much less illustrious history than BC and their 0.504 all-time winning pct. isn't even good to crack the top half of the FBS all-time list. To be honest, UNC should be on the list before NC State.

    Your major beef with the exercise should be the inclusion of South Carolina, Oregon State and Boise State. Not only do those programs have no history to speak of, but USC (0.499) and Oregon St. (0.458) are sub-.500 all time. Boise State has been in I-A for 8 years.