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Monday, August 10, 2009

Encouraging News About Toney Baker, And Other Scrimmage Notes


N.C. State senior running back Toney Baker performed better during Sunday night’s scrimmage than at any time during spring practice, coach Tom O’Brien said Monday during his media day news conference.

Baker is returning after missing almost all of the last two seasons because of a knee injury.

“He ran (Sunday) night with a little bit of burst and a little bit of power that we hadn’t seen in the spring,” O’Brien said.
Some other notes via Tysiac:

- Owen Spencer has put in a LOT of work in curing the "dropsies" that marred an otherwise excellent sophomore campaign as Russell Wilson's top target.

- Tom O'Brien took some time to give Wilson some good-natured ribbing for sliding during practice. I guess Russell's getting the point about protecting himself.

- J.R. Sweezey might be someone to keep an eye on along the defensive line. He's solidified himself a spot at defensive tackle after trying defensive end and linebacker. He made three tackles for loss, including two sacks, in Sunday's scrimmage.

- George Bryan apparently needs to lose some weight, per O'Brien. He tipped the scales at 270 entering training camp, and though the thought of a huge offensive-tackle-turned-pass-catching-threat sounds cool in theory, Bryan is probably better served eeking out as much speed from his frame as he can.

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