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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dr. Saturday Blog: Quantifying The Russell Wilson Effect

Matt Hinton over at Dr. Saturday put together a fantastic breakdown on Russell Wilson and his impact during the 2008 season.

For those of us that follow State closely, none of the information really comes as a surprise. When Russell was in, we were typically successful. When he wasn't, we were typically God awful. It perhaps serves better as information for those on the outside looking in wondering what all the fuss is about this Wilson character and why State fans have gone nutso over the guy.

But Matt put together some nifty charts and analysis that's definitely worth the read, like this one the highlights just how futile our backup quarterback crew was last season:

He also included a YouTube video of Russell suffering a concussion at the hands of the USC defense, so if you're looking for something to raise your ire level, to get you pumped up for Sept. 3rd, there you go.

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