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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Darren Murph at Engadget.com :hearts State

In a story that's already been posted several times elsewhere, you gotta love the title to Engadget's blog post about robotic bats developed at State:

"NC State gurus build remote control bats, freak out Dukies and Tar Holes"

How cool is that? Not too often you see State's two biggest rivals referred to as "Dukies" and "Tar Holes" on a national blog. Nice.

The author of the post, Darren Murph, also had this to say in a previous N.C. State-related post:
If NC State's athletic branches had even half the aptitude as its medical researchers, maybe then those blue boys down the road wouldn't have so much right to bang us up. Personal beefs aside, we're simultaneously stoked and amazed by a new machine crafted down in Raleigh, one that enables scientists to keep a heart pumping even after it has been removed from the body...
Keep up the good work, Darren. We appreciate it!

The story about the robotic bats is pretty cool, as well...you should check it out, either at Engadget or on State's own website.

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