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Monday, July 27, 2009

... And Here It Is: NYT's The Quad Predicts State As The 36th-Best Team

As mentioned earlier today, The New York Times has State slotted as the 36th-best team in the FBS division.

A pretty healthy improvement over where they had us slotted the previous year (80th) and where they rated us at the end of the year (52nd).

It's a pretty comprehensive breakdown...so much so that I haven't even finished it yet. So read it when you have a free block of time.

One beef I have though--take note of which blog didn't make the cut:

Where do N.C. State fans congregate? I’m a big fan of The Wolf Web, which provides an avenue for extensive chatter on N.C. State sports while supplying its readers with important information about exam parking permits and swine flu outbreaks on the Raleigh campus. You can’t find that kind of information at The Wolfpacker or Pack Pride, though both provide the recruiting coverage N.C. State fans crave. For a blog’s take, check out StateFansNation.com and Backing the Pack.

What? No love for YANCSSB? How dare you, sirs? I'm calling FedEx right now to cancel shipment on your souvenir YANCSSB shirts.


  1. Glad to see you got some love on the updated NYT article...

  2. It would have been better if I posted the link:


    "Where do N.C. State fans congregate? You can find solid chatter and football recruiting coverage at The Wolfpacker or Pack Pride. For a blog’s take, check out StateFansNation.com and Backing the Pack. Update: For yet another N.C. State sports blog, visit, you guessed it, Yet Another N.C. State Sports Blog."