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Friday, June 26, 2009

Yet Another N.C. State ... Football Commitment!

Logan Winkles

Logan may be the most badass person ever with the last name "Winkles." His film sure backs that assertion up. A two-way player at the high school level at linebacker and tight end, Tom O'Brien extended an offer to Logan at FB today at camp and he accepted it almost on the spot.

Here's what ESPN has to say about him:
Its hard not to come away liking Winkles as a total football on film. He's a productive two-way player at the high school level showing good tools and ability at both linebacker and tight end. While he displays reliable hands and the ability to shield defenders and absorb the big hit, we feel he will most likely get recruited at inside linebacker. Lacks ideal height but is very thick, compact and durable. Has a good nose for finding the football. Flashes good strength and short-area power at the point of attack and is very stout downhill filler between the tackles. Consistently jolts blockers back showing striking upper-body strength and better-than-adequate leverage. Very difficult to turn out of the hole when he fills fast downhill; a guy who will certainly blow up the fullback iso and be productive versus two-back power schemes. Strong, punishing tackler who drives through from his hips.

He's a tremendous student (3.4 GPA), has solid pass catching skills and, from what I've seen on the video below, a solid motor that will translate into some ferocious blocks at the line of scrimmage on opposing linebackers. State hasn't had a real nasty fullback in a while (all due respect, of course, to past FBs in recent years), but Winkles could develop into one.

Here's his highlight reel from YouTube:

Per the information section of the video:

Logan Winkles

Upson-Lee High
Thomaston, GA
2008 Season
Junior 16 yrs old
Graduation Year: 2010
GPA: 3.4
DOB: August 17, 1992

235 lbs
6 foot 2 inches
40yd time - 4.6
Squat - 480 lbs
Bench - 330 lbs
Clean - 310 lbs

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