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Friday, May 8, 2009

Tim Peeler: Chest Deep In Pack Memorabilia And Loving It

GoPack.com's Tim Peeler is one of the biggest State fans you'll ever meet. He's as through-and-though "Pack" as it gets.

Which is fortunate for State, because perhaps he is the only person that would have both the desire and the knowledge necessary to tackle his latest project: A complete cataloging and safeguarding of the extensive historical clippings, film reels, mementos and trophies of decades upon decades of Wolfpack athletics stored in the basement of Reynolds Coliseum.

Peeler's enlisted the help of two Wolfpack students -- Blake Scher and Wolfpack receiver Donald Bowens (take care of that knee!) -- to help him dig through the collection.

You can read more about Peeler's endeavor here at GoPack.com.

Here's a brief list of some of the items found so far during his excavations:
  • Three never-claimed ACC championship rings engraved for Lenwood Hamilton, George Saunders and Walter Perin.
  • Several championship trophies from the 1974 NCAA men’s basketball tournament.
  • Mr. and Ms. Wuf mascot heads from the 1980s.
The most valuable items are undoubtedly the many, many reels of film from the Case-era basketball teams. Everette Case was the first to film games and practices, and there is film dating all the way back to 1937 when Case was coaching high school ball. These reels of film are also the toughest to preserve, as celluloid deteriorates over time and once it's gone, it's gone. So the goal is to enlist the archivists and preservation experts from the N.C. State libraries to transfer all of the film that can be saved to digital format before it fades away forever.

You can keep tabs on the project by following Tim on Twitter here.

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