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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NCSU Students Developing Moon Blankets; Moon Snuggies Up Next

In some cool non-sports, non-scandal N.C. State news, a group of State students have developed a power-generating, radiation-shielding, outpost-covering blanket that will hopefully protect future astronauts during extended stays on the moon.
"We had many factors to consider in developing this outpost cover — not just being able to protect against radiation," said NCSU engineering student Michael Sieber in a statement. "The product needed to be as lightweight as possible to feasibly fit on the transportation module, and have the ability to be easily erected by a minimum number of astronauts for immediate use once landing on the moon."

The blanket devised by the State engineering students will compete against other life-saving designs from other colleges in June for top design honors (not to mention all the trappings that come with such an award, like women, cash, fame, etc.).

Good luck to you, lunar engineering nerds students. Make us proud.

(But seriously...get to work on the Moon Snuggies...)

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