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Monday, May 4, 2009

Mike Archer Pleased With The Progress, Goals Of The Defense

Dinich's latest @ ESPN

Here're some encouraging comments from Mike Archer regarding the Wolfpack's defense:

Regarding the defensive line:
"Our first four guys ... it will be the best defensive line they've had here since Mario Williams and [John] McCargo. Those guys were No. 1 picks. I'm not saying they're as good as them, but they're comparable in the sense they've got talent and they really have gotten better and developed."
Regarding expectations for the upcoming season:
This spring, Archer said he's heard the players talking about something they haven't before -- playing in the ACC championship game.

"We feel like we have as good a chance as anybody," Archer said. "If you don't believe it and you don't dream it, it's never going to happen."
Regarding the workmanlike attitude of the defense:
"The last half of the season, during practice, I very seldom had to raise my voice, I very seldom got upset because they learned how to practice, they went about their business, they got their work done and they got off the field," Archer said. "... To me, that was the biggest thing they learned, how to prepare in practice and how to go out and play on Saturday."
Finally, perhaps the most encouraging quote in the piece:
"I don't want to be overboard with the confidence," Archer said, "but I feel much better going into this season than I did the previous two."

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  1. Dinich is a tool...she's the one that ranked the Pack's stadium like 11th in the ACC and UNC's 4th because of the "picturesque pine trees." And then took it back because of the abundance of comments...Her changing her opinion is worse than ranking state bad in the first place, I no longer read her crap takes after that