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Friday, May 15, 2009

Heads Are Starting To Roll In The NC State Admin

And justly so.

Anyone and everyone associated with the hiring of Mary Easley should be run out of town on a stick, and it looks like that's just the way things are unfolding.

First to go was provost Larry Nielsen, who resigned yesterday. It was Nielsen that hired Easley in the first place to her chushy, high-paying job that has folks up in arms. Last year, in the midst of a significant recession, Easley received an 88% pay raise up to $170,000 a year for her role as an an executive-in-residence and senior lecturer.

Today, McQueen Campbell hit the bricks, so to speak. He resigned as chairman of the N.C. State board of trustees in an attempt to protect State's reputation.
"I am not resigning because I have acted inappropriately," Campbell said in his resignation letter. "Both the chancellor and the provost have communicated publicly and independently that the hiring process of Mary Easley was free from any improper influence. At all times, I have acted in a manner that reflects the university's high standards of integrity while doing so to the very best of my ability."

Now before you think Campbell totally fell on the sword, bear in mind that his term was up in six weeks anyway. This just simply expedited the process by a month and a half.

Campbell is saying that nothing inappropriate occurred with regards to Easley's hiring, but everything about this situation stinks to high heaven, and it wouldn't bother me one bit to see chancellor James Oblinger and essentially the entire board of trustees gutted. From there we can work on eliminating Tom Stafford and Lee Fowler. Dare to dream, folks. Dare to dream. After all, the word on the street is that it was the "good ol' boy network" in place at the time that essentially ran off chancellor Mary Anne Fox for her ball-busting moves that attempted to shake up the status-quo mentality that has prevailed on campus for years.

Some new blood is in dire need; this blood letting of the good ol' boys has been long overdue.