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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Complete ACC APR Spreadsheet For Baseball, Basketball And Football

I was looking for a one-stop shop that compiled all of the APR numbers for the teams in the ACC and couldn't find it, so I went ahead and built one.

This sheet just shows the APR numbers for baseball, basketball and football since those are the three most popular sports at just about every college. Areas shaded in green highlight where a school exceeded the Division 1 average for that sport. Areas shaded in red show where they fell below it. I also included the average APR for the entire conference in each sport, and as you can see, the ACC excels overall in all three sports.

Some interesting notes to glean from this:
  • Certainly, Duke is Duke. They posted the best ACC APR numbers in both baseball and football.
  • Five schools -- BC, Duke, Miami, UNC and Wake Forest -- posted numbers in all three sports that bested the Division 1 average. Not surprisingly, this list includes the four private schools.
  • The league as a whole fared worst in the sport its most well known for, basketball. Two of the 12 programs -- Georgia Tech and Maryland -- fell below the NCAA minimum number of 925. Depending on your perspective, this news is either surprising or not surprising at all.
  • Only one school -- FSU -- fell below the Division 1 average APR in baseball.
  • Only two schools -- FSU and Maryland -- fell below the average APR for all three sports against the Division 1 average.
If you want APR numbers for other sports from other schools, you can visit the NCAA.org page referenced in the previous post to download the PDF of any school desired.


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