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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tim Clark Wins Par 3 Tournament At Masters; Four-under After The First Round

Tim Clark Wins Par-3 Tournament

Masters Scoreboard

As of 1:45 on Thursday afternoon, Timmah entered the clubhouse with the early lead after winning the Par-3 competition on Wednesday.

As you've no doubt heard countless times, the Par-3 winner has never won the Masters in the same year, but Clark is certainly a golfer that can break that streak. He finished second in 2006 and 13th last year. Augusta seems to suit him and his game just fine.

If he and Tiger can manage to get to the final round 1-2 and in the final pairing, what a storyline it would make. After all, it was Clark that ousted Woods in the Accenture Matchplay Championship earlier this season in Tiger's return to golf following knee surgery. It would make for an unlikely rematch between the two golfers with much, much higher stakes.

There's a lot of golf yet to be played, but Tim's off to a great start.

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