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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photos, Recap From The Spring Game

A brief recap:
  • O'Brien wasn't just paying lip service last week when he said he had concerns about the offensive lines. They struggled all day to provide adequate pockets for Russell Wilson and Mike Glennon to pass in, and the running game today for both squads was non existent. To be fair, though, Mike Archer threw everything and kitchen sink at them, resulting in 12 touch sacks, a couple of false start penalties and about a half-dozen holding calls.
  • Following up on that, the defensive fronts looked very solid. The defensive front seven in April of 2009 looks a HELL of a lot better than it did in April of 2008. Terrell Manning looks as good as advertised in the middle and should see plenty of action this fall.
  • The quarterback play from Wilson and Glennon was very strong. This isn't so much remarkable as it is encouraging the two highly touted QBs met or exceeded expectations today -- not an easy thing for an All-ACC quarterback and his five-star backup to do. They did: Wilson's one half of work (prior to leaving to join the baseball team) was a fantastic 10 of 14 for 195 yards and a score. Glennon added a TD of his own on 23 of 38 passing. Both seem poised for the most part; Wilson seemed a bit annoyed at times with the touch sack aspect of the Spring Game. When you earn all conference honors partly on the basis of your shedding contact and making defenders miss, it's frustrating when the play gets blown dead just as you seem to get going. Nevertheless, Wilson showed that his knee injury hasn't slowed him one bit nor impacted his ability to make plays.
  • AWESOME crowd today. The announced attendance of 21,075 contributed over $28,000 to the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund and the Wolfpack Club’s Kay Yow Memorial Scholarship Fund. Easily the best Spring Game crowd I can recall.

Photos are below. Click on the slideshow to view the photos in the album.

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