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Friday, April 3, 2009

Extinguish The Torches...Fowler Not Going Anywhere For Now

Lee Fowler took time out of his busy schedule to inform the folks over at WRAL/99.9 The Fan on the latest with the women's basketball coaching search. The discussion quickly turned to Lee stating that yes, he'll still be here for a while and that no, there was no late-night meeting with the Board of Trustees to decide his fate Thursday night.
A rumor making the rounds this week had N.C. State on the brink of a major athletics department shakeup. But university spokesman Keith Nichols said there had been no special meeting of the Board of Trustees, and Fowler said he wasn’t on the brink of leaving the school.

“I’m still here,” he said. “I’ve got a contract through October of 2013.”

Fowler said he had heard the rumor, but assumed it was an April Fool’s joke that had taken off on the Internet.

So all you folks that hoped to have a new AD by the E.O.B. today were sorely disappointed, I'm sure.

It was fun while it lasted. I haven't seen the State wing of the internet that ablaze since 2006.

Whether or not there was any truth to the rumors, it's tough to say. The series of events unfolded rather oddly; there was a tremendous deluge of activity, then nothing, then ... Lee Fowler announcing today that he's close to hiring a women's basketball coach.


It may very well have been all an internet hoax (if so, well played, whomever you are), but there were enough different sources of "smoke" and enough local media on the hook to make me think there was at least something amiss NOT related to the women's basketball coaching search. The comments in the comments section of the WRAL story are pretty indicative of how most State fans view Fowler; you have to think the BOT and Chancellor have heard their fair share of disdain for him over the years. If Lee Fowler were on the fast track for removal after last night, it wouldn't shock me.

So who knows...we may broach this topic again sometime soon. But for now, back to, um, whatever the hell it is you people do.

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