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Thursday, March 26, 2009

ESPN posts K.K. Challenge video, story

Pretty cool stuff.

If you'll recall, way back when the race was run, there was talk that ESPN would be sending one of their correspondents to run the race. Greg Garber was your man, a contributor with a background in competing in running and triathlons. He was the natural fit for the job.

If you ran the race or stopped by the Krispy Kreme to observe (as I did with the kids that day), you probably saw Gerber running with a film crew chasing in a golf cart.

But after the race, things were pretty quiet on the ESPN front...no mention of it on their site for several days, nor any sign of the report on any of the weekend SportsCenters.

No worry, though. Gerber posted his story today, along with the above video. And all indications are that ESPN will be running additional coverage of it on Sunday morning's SportsCenter.

Gerber finished the event in just over 1 hour and 10 minutes -- not too shabby given he was running the event for the first time, in a suit, being filmed and chased by two dudes on a golf cart in heavy foot traffic.

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