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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wolfpack Alums Behaving Badly

Gavin Grant in trouble with the law.

Ex-Wolfpack Player Faces Drug Trafficking Charges.

This must be "kick a Wolfpack fan in the junk" week.

Sheesh. After losses to Clemson and Florida State -- and the accompanying cacophony from both sides of the "can Sidney coach" debate, having two former players from your school show up on the police blotters is not the way you'd like to see the week wind down.

Grant's credit card fraud is more stupid than anything else; cocaine trafficking charges, though, is some serious business and hopefully will be dealt with accordingly by the authorities.

Now if we can just make sure that Chris Washburn, wherever he may be, decides against any sort of grand larceny, that'd be nice. Hopefully we've gotten all our off-the-court black eyes out of the way for the year.


  1. Hey, don't jinx us. There's still one more day left in the week!

    Huh -- isn't that appropriate: I go to type in the word verification, and it's "failin."


  2. NICE!

    What would've been better is if it had been the word "larceny." Or "felony."

  3. or "pizza delivery guy" or "stereos"

  4. Even better.

    This is kind of cathartic, isn't it?

  5. I just printed that baby out.

  6. Cool!

    (That'll be $3.95+NC sales tax, please)