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Monday, December 15, 2008

Kids in the front row, get your tarps ready: Cowher Winter 2008 Commencement Speaker

GoPack.com article

Do they make ponchos that fit over a mortar board?

Ok, ok...so I'm making light of coach Cowher's spittle projection propensity. But the man is one of State's most recognized and notable alums, and he's speaking at this winter's commencement ceremony.

So to those graduating this winter, two things: One, congratulations on getting a tremendous education from one of the best universities in the country, and two--while you may get soaked--just be thankful that your graduation speaker wasn't Dr. Harm J. de Blij (mine, back in May 2001)...a speaker as bland as he was unknown to the vast majority of the audience. Nothing screams riveting speaker like Emmy-Award winning geographer!


  1. yea we had freakin erskine bowles...AWESOME...

  2. *shudder*
    Thanks James, I'm having flashbacks to what had to be the worst commencement speech ever given.