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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Double Snubbed! Rivers snubbed from SI's 12 Biggest Pro Bowl Snubs list

I'm pretty sure I've never used the term snubbed so many times in a one-week span, but the snubs keep 'a coming for Philip Rivers: Philip snubbed from SI.com's photo essay on top Pro Bowl snubs.

Is that a double snub? A snub squared?

Insult to injury: On Chad Pennington's "snubbed" page, they mention Rivers, saying:
Pennington's numbers might not be as flashy as Phillip Rivers', but you can't argue that the Dolphins have been more successful than the Chargers.

Should I even mention that they spell his name wrong?


  1. maybe they thought he was actually on the pro bowl squad since he's so awesome there's no way he could have been left off!