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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

State beats Wake 21-17; sets up HUGE rivalry game with UNC this weekend

It's been a busy weekend and start to the week for me, so I'll pass on recaps of the Wake game as I'm sure you've no doubt digested plenty of postgame pontification already.

I will say this about the game; this was the first game I was fortunate enough to attend this year. I thought the crowd (late arriving as seems to be par for the course these days) did a good job staying in it despite the weather, especially at the end when the Pack needed some big stops. And you fools in Section 10 are crazy.

Losing Shea McKeen is a blow and I think the Pack will feel his absence against the Heels. They have a very talented offensive line and if T.J. Yates is indeed back to playing QB for this game, getting as much pass rush on him as possible will be key. I hope we don't see our ends slow up at the end of the game due to fatigue.

Despite Carolina's three losses, they still have an outside chance at making the title game if some pieces fall their way. A loss to State would kill any last hopes they had, so State has a golden opportunity to play spoiler this weekend again just as they did against Wake.

Russel Wilson continues to dazzle. The oft-mocked Heather Dinich ran a piece about Wilson as perhaps the best QB in the league prior to the Wake Forest game. After the win, she looks vindicated in her assertion.

I should have plenty more content forthcoming in the week leading up to the Carolina game. I hope to have another Q&A after two botched runs at Duke and Wake Forest bloggers...though on second though, given we won both games, I should rethink my position...

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  1. That was a very good game. I believe Russell Wilson will deserve a bunch of credit for that game. Let's go to a bowl game this year.