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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great read about C.J. Williams from the Fayetteville Observer

Dan Wiederer's great piece on C.J. Williams

When you start building a basketball program, you need role players just as critically as you do stars. Folks love to read about the stars--the John Walls and the Derrick Favorses, for example--but rarely do you read much about the role players who pitch in the needed six points here and the four rebounds there that round out a stat sheet every game.

As such, most kids coming to play ball in the ACC don't like to be thought of as role players. They want the ink, the praise and the airtime that comes with being a star.

But C.J. Williams is poised to assume that role with no hesitation. This great piece from the Fayetteville Observer (which boasts one of the more underrated sports writing staffs in the ACC area, IMO) takes a look at the road Williams took getting to N.C. State, and the role his father played in shaping him into the basketball player and young man he is today.

He may not light up the stat sheet this year, but if Williams can provide a spark off the bench and push the guys in front of him to perform at a higher level, his value to the team cannot be overstated.

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