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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irving, James and Williams not practicing this week

Per N&O, Nate Irving, Geron James and Julian Williams will not practice this week

A good move on O'Brien's part, of course, as the Pack tries to warp-speed the healing of these three key players.

Irving's value is understood, of course, but having another big receiver (James) gives Russell Wilson another big-play, I'll-throw-it-up-and-you-go-get-it-big-fella threat, and the return of Williams would further bolster an improving offensive line that's still trying to overpower defensive fronts enough to free up a struggling running game that's lacked firepower all season.

We'll talk about it more as next weekend approaches, but the Duke game may be the most critical game of the season. Win it and you avoid the 0-fer in-conference and build momentum heading into games two and three of the Big 4 tourney...lose to Duke and A) you get stuck with the stigma of losing to historically--if not for this season--one of the worst college football programs in America and B) you stand a good chance that you go 0-8 in-conference. Ugh.

But let's not even talk about that. For now, just pray that these three weapons are back come November 8th.


  1. I'm not sure if we'll beat Duke, but we HAVE to win at LEAST one of these games, and we always seem to win a big game no matter how bad we are...plus we can't go 0-8...we just can't. I just hope we didn't waste our big win on a now mediocre ECU team

  2. there are winnable games left on the schedule. whether we win them, though, is another story.

  3. Good Grief! You have got to support this team more. We have played great offensively lately when our D has been depleted. There were games where the D played excellent and then the offense needed some experience and play makers. With the time off and the talented coaching staff we have, We will respond and I like our chances against all of our final opponents. Will there be some tough games? yeah but we are a tough team. Ask the three that just escaped us. We still have banged up players that are battling hard but they are getting better and I am hopeful with a week off they will respond in the way we know they can. Go Wolfpack!!!!!!