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Friday, October 3, 2008

My Weekly Dose of Optimism: BC

Two words: Russell Wilson

Two more: Anthony Hill

The good news that came down the pipe last night about Wilson starting and Hill probable for tomorrow's game means our offensive chances look about 100% better than they did on Wednesday before the report.

With these two guys in action, I think the Pack has enough weapons to present at least some sort of a mild threat against BC's solid defense. The passing attack should be more effective, which in turn will benefit Andre Brown and Jamelle Eugene's ability to run the ball. Without Wilson and Hill, I would've expected things to go a bit like they did against USF. Which is to say, not good.

We shall see. I think the Pack defense will be tested quite a bit, but the Pack fans will be fired up to see Wilson back in the lineup and should be ready to make some noise in Carter-Finley. I think you'll see the ball bounce our way, with some drive-killing turnovers from BC that lead to just enough points for us to eek out the win.

Just pray it doesn't cost us any more healthy players.

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