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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Injury Report update: Cash, Crouch at 100%; Irving at 75%

Injury report at PackPride.com

Just in case you haven't heard already, Alan-Michael Cash and Curtis Crouch are both back at 100% heading into tomorrow night's game against Florida State, and linebacker Nate Irving is listed as "probable," which means there's about a 75% chance he'll play.

All three would be welcome additions to the lineup.


Getting Cash back may be the biggest boost for the Pack defense. He was a force in the middle that put heaps of pressure on opposing offensive linemen, running backs and quarterbacks alike. His presence will require FSU's line to double team him a great deal, occupying blockers normally available to assist on protection against State defensive ends Wilie Young and Jeff Rieskamp. Look for Young and or Rieskamp to look more effective tomorrow than they have in previous games.

Also, the (hopefully) more effective pass rush will help our defensive backfield. If Christian Ponder has to hurry his throws, it bodes well for our secondary to snag an errant pass or two.

Having Crouch back to shuffle into the lineup should keep our guards fresher, making them more effective. For an offensive line that was looking improved against BC than they did earlier in the year, his addition is an added bonus.

The return of Nate Irving, depending upon how much playing time he gets, will be one many Pack fans watch closely. Is an Irving at 75% as effective as a Dwayne Maddox at 100%? O'Brien thinks that Irving's playing time will be limited, so it's tough to know just how effective he will be when he is out on the field. No doubt there will be a lot of eyes focused on him when he is.

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