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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some staggering statistics, and also, alliteration

Via the fine folks at StateFansNation, here're some sobering statistics regarding the state of Tom O'Brien's rebuilding project from Rob Daniels' article in today's News and Record:

The program O'Brien inherited from Chuck Amato in December 2006 was on shaky numerical ground. Of the 41 players State signed in 2005 and 2006, 17 are already gone. That 41 percent attrition rate far exceeds the personnel losses sustained by the other three ACC programs that changed administrations at the same time. (North Carolina's is at 18 percent; Miami has lost nine of 37 players from those classes or 24 percent; and Boston College, which O'Brien left to come to Raleigh, has seen six of 35 signees or 17 percent head elsewhere.)

You can expect to lose some guys whenever there's a coaching change, but damn. Out of two full recruiting classes, only 24 players remain, which is about the average size of one recruiting class. In other words, we're about a year behind schedule.

It's no wonder we're still well short of filling out our full 85-scholarship roster.

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