We've Moved!

We've Moved!
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some milestones for YANCSSB

It's been a fun five-or-so months since I started this blog-with-the-obscenely-long-name. February 29th, 2008 of all days. I didn't intend to start on the leap year bonus day, but it just sort of happened.

Anyways, here are some cool things that have happened recently:
  1. Today the site registered its 20,000th page view. That's small potatoes to some of the big boy blogs out there (SFN gets upwards of 10 times that a month, I'm told; who knows what 850TheBuzz's traffic numbers are), but it's cool nonetheless.
  2. YANCSSB cracked the 1,000,000th site ranking according to Alexa.com, one of the top web traffic ratings services. Since the site's initial ranking was in the 9,000,000 range, I'm guessing this means this site rates better than 90% of the other sites out there. Granted, 75% of the sites behind me are probably dead pages or sites that discuss the intracies of taxidermy. And the top 10% of 9,000,000+ sites means there are roughly a million sites with higher traffic numbers. But it's cool company to be a part of, and I hope the site continues to rise.
  3. I welcomed aboard our first sponsor this month, GoTickets.com. They've been great to work with and have a wonderful, easy-to-use website that you should check out whenever you need tickets to the next State game, either home or away. Check 'em out!
The rest of the year should bring further changes and improvements to the site and its content (knock on internet wood), so stay tuned!


  1. Congrats, James. Keep up the strong work.

  2. Thanks man, and to you, as well. Looking at the traffic reports, I can attribute quite a few of my hits to your site.