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Monday, September 1, 2008

Anthony Hill out for W&M

The football team released their updated depth chart today and TE Anthony Hill is missing from it; he will sit the game out with a chest injury.

Depth Chart


On the surface it feels like just another example of "when it rains it pours," but ultimately this may be just TOB taking it ultra-conservative heading into what should be a sure win against ol' Bill & Mare'. Better to keep him on the shelf if he's at all dinged up to get ready for the bloodletting against Clemson the following week. We're going to need all the troops we can throw at them.

Daniel Evans is your starter at this point, which is understandable despite how poorly he played against the Gamecocks. He was in the final two with Wilson for the job, and when your only other option is Harrison Beck, well, you just suck it up and go with Evans. All you can do is hope to contain the bleeding until Wilson can return (win the gimme game against W&M, escape Death Valley with as few injuries as possible, maybe get lucky against ECU at home and pray Wilson returns before South Florida).

As bad as things appear and feel right now, I have to keep reminding myself that the season is only one game along at this point. The defense showed some positives at times, and well, God can't keep hating us much longer...Notre Dame's season starts this weekend, after all.

And Daniel has pulled a horseshoe out of his rear end before (twice, actually). If we can get through the next three games with two wins (W&M, ECU) before Russell's return, then who knows what can happen heading into the bulk of the conference schedule.

Wolfpack Pride = Eternal, sometimes blind, optimism.

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