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Sunday, August 31, 2008

You can't spell "yack" without the A-C...C?...eh f*ck it, we suck.

Hoo boy.

As opening weekends go for a conference, the ACC's pretty much sucked:
  • Clemson lost by 24 in the league's "statement game" against Alabama (and by proxy, the ACC versus the entire SEC).
  • Virginia Tech got "Beamered" by ECU in Charlotte.
  • State got shut out in Columbia on national television.
  • Maryland and UNC squeaked by in their opening wins against I-AA opponents.
  • USC (the real one) hung 52 on the Hoos in Charlottesville.

Wake and BC looked solid in their openers, and Duke won a game by 24 points (when the hell was that last time THAT happened?!?), but beyond that it was just a bad, bad opening weekend for a conference already known for its lack of strength.

The Clemson and Virginia Tech games were especially bad. These were opportunities for both of the ACC's predicted divisional winners to come out and assert themselves, and they BOTH laid eggs. Alabama just flat out dominated Clemson on the lines, and Virginia Tech looked lost offensively and complacent on defense.

Ugh. Let's just hope the league's second weekend goes a little smoother than the first.

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