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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trev Alberts' YouTube goodness

Things I take from this:

  1. I HATE the NCST abbreviation. Get rid of it.
  2. Trev Alberts looks like he needs to go pee. Here's a tip, Trev: take a break every now and then. I know you probably shot 40 of these things back-to-back, but holding it in for that length of time isn't healthy. Think of your prostate, bro.
  3. He makes a good point about SC's run defense. For all the hype, they are still suspect in that area and if the offensive line can create some holes (a big test for this unit right off the bat), Andre Brown is no slouch with the ball in his hands. He could put some solid numbers up.
  4. Steve Jr.'s calling the plays this year...it should be interesting to see what the combination of a new quarterback taking play calls from a new OC will equate to.

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