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Monday, August 11, 2008

Cullen Jones wins gold: Suck on that, Frenchie!

{Video deleted from the server}

N.C State alum Cullen Jones and his mates in the pool pulled off a tremendous upset Sunday night in Beijing, besting the French in the 400 M Freestyle Relay to win gold.

Jones becomes the second black swimmer ever to win a gold medal in Olympic history (Anthony Nestor of Surinam was the first), the first black American and the first to hold or share a world record.

By sheer luck I happened to watch the race unfold live. Amazing. The final leg swam by Lezak was nothing short of incredible. At the final turn with just 50m to go, it looked like the French were going to take it in a walk. But Lezak kept churning as the Frenchman faded in the final 25m. I found myself cheering out loud when we claimed first place.

It was a dramatic win, and one that keeps Michael Phelps' hopes for 8 gold medals alive. But perhaps more importantly, it served notice to the French swimmers who had talked a great deal of smack leading up to the event:

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Alain Bernard: "The Americans? We will smash them."
Le Scoreboaurde, le biatches!

video HT: Awful Announcing, via 850 The Buzz's blog


  1. That would be "les biatches," mon frere. ;)
    You're not alone. The missus and I were jumping up and down in front of the tube when Lezak made his "run." Simply amazing, and I'm glad I stayed up to watch.
    Jones really has a chance to make a difference in swimming -- not to mention a pretty penny.

  2. Oh, and the only thing that woulda made it even more enjoyable was if Bernard had pulled an "Andy Bernard" and punched a hole in the wall afterwards!

  3. ^ "Alright...who put my swimming goggles in jello, guys. REALLLLLLY funny. C'mon. Who was it. I need to know who it is, guys, 'cause right now I'm STARTING TO FREAK OUT a little bit."

  4. i feel asleep and missed it. maybe i'll see it again in 4 years.