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Thursday, July 31, 2008

So...would it be unpatriotic to root for Turkey?

Against the U.S., no less?

That's the scenario Wolfpack fans will face as former Pack guard Engin Atsur leads the Turkish National Team against Team USA tonight at 8:00 in an exhibition game. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2.

Atsur is one of my favorite players in the last decade or so. He engineered one of the best, most memorable conclusions to a State basketball season in recent memory in '06-'07. Never was one player more crucial to its team's success than he...with him, it seemed State couldn't lose...without him we looked like, well, a lot like we did last season.

So forgive me if I pull for the Turks--and Atsur--to hand it to Team USA tonight. I really have no connection to any of the pro players that will make up the squad, couldn't give a crap about the NBA to begin with, and the fact that the team is coached by Coach K doesn't really help matters much, either.

After this game, then I'll get behind Team USA as much as I can get behind overpaid, apathetic pro players coached by a coach I don't really care for...but tonight, I'll be rooting for Atsur.

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