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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Triangle Pigskin Preview...interesting QB comments from TOB

PP link.

"Daniel was not able to participate in spring practice," O'Brien stated. "He has a lot of experience under his belt, and we have to give him every opportunity to do what he can do and be the quarterback.

"One of the things that the injury allowed us to do in the spring was take a long, hard look at Russell Wilson who is a pretty talented freshman. He did an excellent job this spring."

"We had a great performance out of Justin Burke in the spring game... the second half of the spring game," added O'Brien. "We will look at Mike Glennon, the freshman coming in, who is certainly a talented individual."

A decision from O'Brien on his starting quarterback will likely not come until the week of the South Carolina opener. Naming the starter is a big decision, and O'Brien feels you shouldn't do so until the choice is obvious.

Now, it's interesting to note not so much what he said but whom he didn't mention: Harrison Beck.

It's risky reading too much into a name omission in a collection of quotes like this. It could be he mentioned Beck in passing, or in a quote that was tough to make out on tape (I've been there before). And I'm sure if you asked why he didn't mention Beck, O'Brien would quickly tell you that it means nothing.

But Beck is not a name you just gloss over, like a walk on or fifth-year senior that was lucky to get a spot on the squad.

No, Beck was the high-profile transfer from Nebraska with a ton of stars on his recruiting profile and a cannon for an arm. There were plenty of folks that felt like he was going to instantly lock up the starting spot from the minute he became eligible to play.

It hasn't worked out that way, though. Turns out Beck cannon's about as accurate as one pulled from a shipwreck, and he sports a brash attitude that apparently rubbed folks the wrong way in Lincoln. And when the starting QB job was there for the taking, he couldn't supplant an undersized, underpowered Daniel Evans.

Fast forward to today. In response to a direct question regarding all of the possible options at QB, O'Brien takes time to break down the incumbent, the two players that turned heads in the spring and the incoming freshman...but not Beck.

Again, it's tough reading too much into something not said...but it's an interesting omission nevertheless.


  1. it's risky reading into an ommission, yet you devote a whole blog to it? he didn't mention me either as a possible starting QB. why don't you blog about that? "Coach O'Brien, you didn't mention Anthony Hill as a possibility at starting RB ... why is that?"

  2. LOL. With readers like zac, who needs...um...non-readers(?)