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We've Moved!
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Who's this dashing young man?

Oh yeah, that guy.

Always wondered what he looked like with hair...

And before you guys get all over me for having a picture of Herb on my blog, I can tell you truthfully that I found it looking for some photoshopping material. I'm not one of these, "Herb, come back!" types. Just thought it was a funny picture I'd never seen before. Chillax.


  1. Ah the good ol days. Making the tourney every year. Finishing with 20+ wins a year.

    Well at least we can now beat the bluebloods...Well, maybe next year...er, after a another coaching change? I wonder what seed ASU's going to get in the NCAA this year?

  2. those were the good old days? wow, you have low expectations. i bet you drive a Taurus.