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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Screw You(tube), NCAA!

Ah, the NCAA...that wonderful governing body of collegiate athletics. That faceless, ruthless organization that makes billions every year off of amateur athletes yet won't let them hold so much as a part time job without a committee hearing. Well, they're up to their same old antics again this March.

You've probably heard about how they've freaked out about the drink cups this year. Anyone so much as drinking Coke straight from the can is quickly whisked away in an unmarked van, never to be heard from again.

Not content to rest on their facist laurels, the NCAA has put in place another dandy rule this year (or perhaps before, but I don't recall it being this big of an issue). TV stations are not allowed to show highlights of ANY game from that day until ALL the games from that day are complete. And since the last game of the day usually concludes after midnight here on the east coast, your local news stations can't show any highlights until the next day, at which point it's stale news and the highlights are essentially useless.

Well Kudos to NBC17 here in Raleigh for not taking things lying down. When Duke beat Belmont in the final seconds, their sports director, Penn Holderness, took it upon himself to recreate the game using dolls and stuffed animals--something that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

I'm sure the NCAA, in their twisted logic, would love to take partial credit for this gem, born out of the necessity to get around their petty policy. Whatever. Screw you. Thanks to Penn and NBC17 for giving you a big stuffed middle finger.

(Thanks to Matt at The Dare Society for pointing to the video's original home, Ginny From The Blog)


  1. Hilarious indeed.

  2. That video is hilarious, and I hate the NCAA and then some. I have always been an opponent of theirs, and this is another stupid thing from them.

    But who watches local news for sports? Between CBS and ESPN and all the rest of cable, I think I saw that Gerald Henderson play until I was actually in it.