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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rifle wins its second straight SEARC championship


Suck it, Citadel!

It's worth noting that the only reason I even care about rifle results is that way back when, I once tried out for the N.C. State rifle team.

I grew up plinking tin cans with a .22, and thought I was capable enough with a rifle to make the team. So, I tried. Turns out, genetics were more of an enemy than anything else. The proper technique to shoot a competition air rifle is to prop your support arm (in most cases, your left) on your hip by digging your elbow into your side right above the hip bone.

By virtue of either a longer-than-average torso or a shorter upper arm length, I had to bend my back to an exaggerated extent to get my arm into my hip. Haunched over and unbalanced, I shot a solid pattern but not well enough to make the team. My brief attempt to make a varsity sport at State was over before it even really started.

So to this day I still keep tabs on the rifle team, wondering what life as a rifle team member would've been like. Chicks, booze, shoe contracts--the whole nine.

Oh well...

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  1. James, you've heard me say this before, but anytime you beat The Citadel -- the school that STARTED THE CIVIL WAR with gun shots -- you must be doing something right.