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Monday, March 10, 2008

Message Board Quote-O-Teh-Day

You people are friggin nuts if you want to get rid of Sid after year 2.


What if Clemson decided to get rid of Purnell after year 2.......or Haith at Miami after year 2.....or any other coach in the country. Damn. Sid may be great, he may not be, but he deserves more than 2 years.



  1. I don't think you can dump Lowe at this point (though it's awful tempting). He's shown he can recruit, and I think the damage to the program of a major upheaval right now would be greater than the known evil.

    What I do think MUST happen this year, though, to show that the status quo is not acceptable, is that there has to be a purge of the coaching staff, so that someone who can teach defense, rebounding and court-management can be brought in. Give Sid a chance to get into the groove (add Coach K to the list of those whose heads were wanted after their first couple of years as well). But good God don't let us go into another season without some coaching talent being brought in.

    It's pretty obvious a staff of point guards aren't capable of teaching the finer points of rebounding, baseline defense and posting up.


  2. that's an interesting idea. defense, perimeter and post, was obviously a deficiency this year (and last). part of it was our not-so-fleet-of-foot team. defense and rebounding definitely need to be a focus in the future. and if that means bringing in someone who's job is coaching that alone, do it.

  3. Ditch Strickland. It seems like he was only brought in for his Dematha/DC recruiting ties; I didn't see much else on his resume that screamed "great assistant coach."

    And the other two, Towe and Harris, are too entrenched--either by legacy or by tenure--to be let go without some major teeth gnashing.

    So cut Strickland loose and bring in a defensive/rebounding wiz.

  4. we would still have Quentin Jackson to keep the DeMatha tie..

    and why isn't Levi Watkins stepping into the defensive/rebounding guru role?!?!