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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From the PackPride.com vault: 2004

In the second installment of "From the PackPride.com Vault," we run down the articles posted in 2004. It was a good year for posting on PackPride, and my most prolific year to date with seven articles. I had a good run from about mid-February through March where I posted one article a week. But when the basketball season ended, so did my run of articles, and I haven't matched that pace since. Time gets shorter when you get married and have kids, I suppose.

In any event, here's a look back at 2004:

Football in February (02/12/2004)

If you’re a fan of Wolfpack football, then you have to love Chuck Amato these days.
Defusing a Potential Powderkeg (02/17/2004)
NC State’s Scooter Sherrill learned an incredibly important lesson this past week. There’s a very fine line between “humorous trash talking” and “potentially devastating PR blunder.”
Fond memories of The Trailer in the Sky (02/24/2004)
As has become a recent tradition in winter, it seems, Carter Finley Stadium is undergoing another wave of offseason destruction and reconstruction.
The Shakiest Bandwagon in the South (03/05/2004)
Let’s face facts, folks. It ain’t easy being a Wolfpack fan. It may seem like an easy proposition. You simply pull for the Red and White all the time, in every game, and it’s a done deal, right?
Take A Look At What Case Built (03/10/2004)
Dr. James Naismith may have invented basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts, but the game was honed and polished in the high school gyms of Indiana.
Learning to Eat When You're Full (03/15/2004)
“When we hungry, we eat!”
Third Quarter's the Charm (10/05/2004)
Here’s a memo to the coaches and coordinators of the Pack’s future opponents. Go ahead and save yourself the trouble of planning for the third quarter.

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