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Friday, March 21, 2008

Damn you, Tampa...

You've killed my brackets so far. But, thankfully, you've tripped up just about everyone else, so it's a push.

Stephen Curry is a hoss. A miniture, scrawny hoss. How in the hell did we beat Davidson this year?

Jack McClinton is a hoss. How in the hell did we beat Miami this year?

And memo to Clemson: WORK ON YOUR FREE THROW SHOOTING. I know you couldn't hit water from a boat in the second half, but when teams integrate fouling you as part of their strategy, you know you've got issues at the line. Shooting below 63% as a team is inexcusable, and it's cost you several games this year (including at least two wins against Carolina and your only game in the tournament).

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  1. How DID we beat Davidson this year?